... my friends! On Sunday the 28th of September 2014 has The Amazement become the World Champion at the World Living Statues Festival 2014! The Amazement didn't only amaze the audience, but the jury, who had to decide between over 60 international living statues , as well. As the owner of beeldje.nl, am I so proud of my strong team: they shower that we perform on global level by using their mimic, their professionality and ther characteristic interaction with the public! Will we be amazed at your event?

Beeldje Dutch Champions!


[engelse vertaling] 'The Amazement' has won the Dutch Championships Living statues at Valkenburg, Holland on the 1st of June 2014.'The Amazement' is a sculpture of five persons who look with wonder and amazement to the world. It's an hilarious act for young and old. 'The Warsaw Mermaid' won the 2nd place! This warrior mermaid is inspired by the real sculpture that you can find in the Polish capital. 'The Warsaw mermaid' had by far the most publi votes, thus the Jury Chairman.¬†The mermaid squirts water when someone doesn't expect it.   Both¬†statues you can book for your event!

Photographer & assistent winners of the Street theatre festival in Romania!


[engelse vertaling] Op zondag 25 mei 2014 is beeldje.nl winnaar geworden tijdens het MAN.In.FEST straattheater festival te Roemeni√ę! Een 12 tal acts uit verschillende disciplines deden mee aan deze publiekswedstrijd, maar uiteindelijk kozen de bezoekers verdeeld over 3 dagen voor 'Fotograaf & Assistente', uitgevoerd door Minco Snijders en Afke Westdijk! Een leuke¬†act voor jong en oud!